Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aji Puni,

Nirabata Kain Vala Lage?
Vida Vitarare bi Eka lage....

Vuli Jaithiba  kete Katha
Aji kain puni Mane Pade..........


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  2. "is this the only piece of heritage that you can show off to the world? Seriously there are better things to latch onto :)

    a thing coming form "orissa" doesn't make it oriya :)
    i am from orissa too but i am not oriya :)

    chaitanna mahaprabhu did come from GEOGRAPHICAL ORISSA but back then there was no orissa, are we forgetting this?

    and your dear lord ASHOKA the great wasn't your hero too until he defeated your so called "kalinga empire". he was a scavenger of kalinga and not a king :)

    your bali, sumatra etc "J(y)ATRAS" came form LORD ASHOKA'S INVASION of your pillage state.

    the regular oriya isn't sweet at all, its rather very harsh, its rather the languages like sambalpuri and languages near the west bengal border where the oriya dialects turn sweeter. would you not agree?

    sambalpuri is such a cute language! why are you guys stomping it down to non-exitence and these guys want their language to prosper just like yours. give them their due!

    oh, btw, i forgot to mention YOUR BEST CM (infact my best CM too, one of the best CMs our country ever had) doesn't even speak Oriya!"

    (MBA, IMT Ghaziabad)
    Location: Bengaluru
    Home: Kolkata